The Day Is Far Spent - The Night Shadows Are Falling

Do You Know Why You Have Fears and Doubts? Amazing Discoveries Are Unveiling The Hidden Secrets Of The Fifth Dimension, Beyond Sight And Sound.

Explore The Inner Realms Of The Mind, and Unlock The Invisible Forces Of Fear and Doubt That Hinder and Plague Humanity. The Inner Universe, The Paranormal and The Vastness Of The Unknowns Will Be Opened Like Never Before! The UFO, The Alien Enigma, Ghosts, and Paranormal Events Are All Tied Together. Break FREE!



Fear Of The Unknown Drives The World

Understanding the darker forces that seem to lurk invisibly behind our human existence is also the way to OVERCOME them as well. Everyone dreams of a life with less stress, less fears, less problems. If you understand the “other side” then you can begin to destroy those invisible barriers.



“I have been following you -Stewart and Larry Taylor for many much of this info I have heard as you two chatted on radio in the past---this program was very well presented tonight with some new information to me--it is a very good introduction to those who are new to this UFO phenomena and those who want to continue to add to their knowledge of the subject so as to prepare themselves and those loved ones who will please keep up the good work and I plan to listen each week-either live or in the archives....disclosure is coming soon and I pray the Lord gives all the strength we need to finish our courses..”

Here are 16 TOP REASONS you need to TUNE IN to NIGHT SHADOWS

    The Real Truth Behind The UFO/ALIEN Enigma And Government Cover-ups

    What's The Real Truth Behind Planet-X? The Destroyer?

    Is There Going To Be An Arrival?

    Explore The Number One Mystery Of Life- Why You Are Here

    Find Out The Hidden Meanings Of Ancient Writings

    The Mystery Of Time And Time Travel, Prophecy And The Secret Of Eternity

    What's The Real Truth Behind Giants, Bigfoot, Werewolves, Ghosts, Jinn and Angels And Things That Go Bump In The Night…

    Unlock The Real Truth Behind Star Gates, Doorways, and Portals

    Discover The Mysteries Of The Ancient Books  Of Enoch, The Bible and The Book Of The Kolbrin And Many Other Ancient Texts

    Understand Why The Governments Fear Ancient Writings

    Unlock The Mystery Of The Most Enigmatic Figure In All History And His Real     Message To Humanity

    Unlock the Real Truth Behind Chemtrails, Georgia Guide Stones & More

    Unlock The Mysteries Behind Ancient Monuments, Temples And Statues

    Learn The Hidden Truth Accelerating Earth Changes & Solar Anomalies

    Find Out What Is Behind The New World Order

    And Much, Much More….

So Why Should I Listen In - What Benefit Is There For Me?


1. You Will Be The Most Up To Date Individual Around You

2. You Will Learn How To Combat The Dark Forces

3. You Will Really Understand What Is Happening And Why

4. You Will Learn Why Knowledge And Wisdom Are Powerful Weapons To Combat Ignorance  Around You

5. You Will Be Better Able To Protect Your Loved Ones

6. You Will Know When And How To Take Evasive Action

7. You Will Learn To Protect Your Money Because You Will Know What Is Coming And Why

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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to NIGHT SHADOWS as we journey down the roads of the Unknown. My 30 years of research into the mysteries and enigmas, government black operations, official denials, years as an jet aircraft commander flying the elite of the Earth has given me insight into a very strange world known only to those who who live within it. It’s time you knew all about it!!

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 Stewart C. Best

News Bulletin

Escaped Prisoner Considered Armed and Very Dangerous. Do Not Approach, Call 911 or The FBI.

This rodent monster hijacked two 18 wheeler trucks loaded with peanuts and refused to divulge where he hid them. He escaped and a massive manhunt is now underway. If you see anyone looking like the above, please call the FBI tip line. Thank you for your help and vigilance.

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 The Funny Side Of Things

Are we looking at a major IMPACT EVENT in September, or perhaps a meteor shower with impact, such as impacted Iran a few days ago, but hushed up by the mainstream media? Or is there going to be a vanishing of the Bride? No one knows for sure. No one, there is only speculation.

There are a lot of things that seem to converge in September, 2015, but no one knows really what the event might be. But the odds are it is economic or political in nature, ie, implosion of the dollar, false flag or something of that nature.

Nazi Technology - how advanced where they?

German technology captured by the Allies in 1945 at wars end found FLYING WINGS and used that technology to develop our own, the end result so far being the B-1 Stealth Bomber. But Germany also had antigravity UFO’s and that was in 1945 - a long time ago now.

So it becomes more difficult to know, when we see something flying silently wether it is OURS, THE FOURTH REICH, OR “THEIRS”. Thete is no question that someone/something.entities of unknown origin are visiting Earth. The question is not if, but whi are they, what do they want, or what their agenda is.

More later…